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Cheryl’s Cookies

A friend of mine turned me on to Cheryl’s cookies.  They are quite tasty and are very reasonable (there are always deals flying around) and what’s great… many individually wrapped which makes for great party favors or school birthday treats.  🙂

Many times they’ll have special “sample packs” where you can get 6-8 cookies for only $9.99 and then they send you a $10 certificate to use on your next order.

Current deal…. Save up to $10 and free ground shipping .  Use code SUMMSHIP.  Ends 6/8

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Disney Movie Rewards – Are you a member?

Are you a member yet of Disney Movie Rewards?  It can pay off.  Free to sign up…

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Birthday Party Ideas – Boys

In need of a place to hold a birthday party for your boy… below are a few that pop into my head.  Please respond with additional!

Lego Party (buy small $5 box of legos and have the kids built it at your home)


Flipstar Gymnastics

Jump Zone

Pump It Up

Rec house

Miniature Golf

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Birthday Party Ideas – Girls

In need of a place to hold a birthday party for your girl… below are a few that pop into my head.  Please respond with additional!

Drama Queens

Pigtails & Crewcuts


Flipstar Gymnastics

Jump Zone

Pump It Up

Princess/Tea Party at your home

Your ideas?  😉

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Let’s Save Some Money on birthday parties (Couponing to Disney)

From Couponing to Disney…

Let’s Save Some Money on birthday parties

Birthday parties do not have to break the bank. And sometimes it’s the
simplest, most inexpensive ideas that are the most fun! The important thing to
remember, your child isn’t going to know if you spent $30 or $300. They’re just
going to remember how much fun they had!

The Cake:

Making your own cake is obviously the most inexpensive route to go. And you
don’t have to be a professional cake decorator make it look good! You can bake a
basic sheet cake and ice it and then use themed figurines to decorate it. Cars,
Toy Story, Disney princesses, any theme is possible with just a few inexpensive

Cupcakes are also a good option for a party for kids. You can find cheap
trinkets to decorate each cupcake with that doubles as a favor for each child.
The Dollar Tree often has small frisbees, spinning tops and other things in the
toy department. I’ve seen Cars, Winnie The Pooh, Diego and Disney princesses and
they are often 4-6 to a pack for just $1. Use these to top the cupcakes!

A Dirt Cake is simple enough for anyone to make! A chocolate cake with
chocolate frosting. Top with crushed oreos and gummie worms!

Shaped-cake pans can be purchased fairly inexpensively at Michael’s if you
use the 40% off coupon out of their weekly ad.


Decorations do not have to be elaborate. And the Dollar Tree is a good place
for inexpensive cups, plates, napkins, balloons, streamers, and other

You can also use what you already have at home for decorations. Use your
daughter’s princess dolls or your son’s trucks as table decorations that fit in
with your theme.


A table with some coloring sheets and crayons is often all you need to
entertain the kids. Printable coloring sheets are found at most children’s
website. Look up your child’s favorite show and you should be able to find
coloring sheets to fit your theme.

Allowing each child to decorate their own cupcake or cookie is another

Blowing bubbles, sidewalk chalk and a sprinkler are other good activities!
And just giving them time for unstructured play and a nice place to play with
plenty of items (balls, riding toys, trucks) that you probably already have is
the best idea. Depending on the age group of the attendees, games like Mother
May I and Simon Says are always fun.


Scheduling the party between meal times will save you on food costs.
Mid-morning or afternoon parties are good. If you must serve lunch, keep it
simple. Hot dogs, chips/goldfish crackers and a fruit (grapes, fruit cocktail or
diced peaches) is a good lunch for the under 10 crowd. 🙂

Party Favors:

If you feel you must give out party favors – hit up the Dollar Tree!

You can use Dum-Dum suckers or Blow Pops as balloon weights that will also
double as party favors. Each child can have a balloon and sucker when they go

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Michael’s Coupons

If you are like me and have issues getting Michael’s coupons emailed to you… check out  easy peasy for getting any and all coupons you need!

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Parent’s Choice – FREE SAMPLE – Wal-mart

As I mentioned before, Wal-mart has great samples all the time.  The latest… free sample of Parent’s Choice Wipes.  If this isn’t your “regular” brand… who cares.  Great to throw in your bag and wipe ice cream off your kids hands/faces this summer 🙂

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Home Depot Kids Workshop

Did you know Home Depot (as well as Lowe’s and Michael’s for that matter) host workshops on various Saturday’s (check your store) for kids … and it’s FREE?!

Next one coming up… June 18th where kids can build a “Lil Toolbox”.  No sign-up required but I would get there sooner rather than later.  It’s from 9-12.


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Free Lego Models – Each Month

If you live near a Lego Store, kids ages 6 – 14 can build & take home a new FREE Lego Model each month!

On Tuesday, June 7th at 5:00pm, your kiddos can build a FREE Lego Graduate!

Lines may form, so you may want to get there a bit early.

I suggest calling ahead to make sure your local store is participating.


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Summer Reading Programs

Many of the local libraries offer summer reading programs for the kiddies, teens AND adults.  Some stores do as well. Be sure to check your local library.

Kids can participate in the summer reading programs at the Frankfort, Homer Township, Lockport, Mokena, New Lenox, Orland Park and Tinley Park libraries. Click the above links for more information.
Why: Not only will your kids get a chance to win some cool prizes if they participate, but they’ll get to experience a whole new world of imagination that opens up with reading!
Where: Your local library.
When: Many of the summer reading programs begin this month. Click the above links for exact dates.

What some of you may not know is that many stores will offer reading programs as well.  In year’s past, Borders and Barnes and Noble have.  This year… Pottery Barn Kids is participating.  See details below.  Check back here often for additional updates of participating stores.

Pottery Barn Kids is offering a summer reading program through August 24th. Your kids, aged 10 and under, can complete one of the reading lists and turn it in for a FREE book!

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