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So I was able to purchase the  coupon for Santa’s Village (50% off each ticket up to 6).  Today, I received a  request about a mom asking if she should wait until the end of season as many of the rides are not open yet.  Plus, another mom I know was curious too.  So I had to investigate.  Below is what I found… not too much mention of rides not open yet but apparently it’s CASH only. Good to know. And the food wasn’t so good but really, is it ever good at places like this? 😉   We are hopefully going on June 29th so I’ll keep you posted 🙂


*** MY REVIEW ***

Santa’s Village is overall cute and seems like it doesn’t get too crowded (even with park district groups there when we went).  Overall… this place is for the 7 and under crowd.  There really (at least at this time) is much for the older kids.  I did overhear a worker stating more will be opening up in 2012 as well as a waterpark so that may help.  There were about 8 rides with the Roto Whip (I believe from Kiddieland) and then kiddie tilt o’ whirl and flying hot air balloons being the most exciting.  The “zoo” part of it is really small…mainly feeding goats.  The Santa Sleigh ride was just a regular guy bringing us around a small area with a few reindeer.  There are a couple of food options… standard fair.  As well as an ice cream shop (air conditioned) with a bunch of jelly belly’s for sale and a brauhaus (thought that was odd).  The carnival games area was very very week (about 6).  There were plenty of benches and spots to sit which was nice.  There were a couple of shows going on throughout the day… we didn’t partake but many others did.  If you are a paint ball person… there is a huge paint ball field next to it Santa’s.  Overall, WORTH my money as my kids turned 5 the day we went and I only paid $24 admission for the four of us (thank you familyfinds)… not sure if we would head back again.  Maybe.


We absolutely loved this place! We were there opening weekend (Saturday) and although it was cloudy and it did shower once or twice, our daughter had a blast!!! She is only 2 1/2 but was able to enjoy ALL the rides. The smile on her face was priceless. Granted it still needs some work, but we still had a fun filled day. We enjoyed the rides, the petting zoo, and the bird house. I was also pleased with all the picnic tables throughout the park, lots of places to sit and relax. The staff was also very friendly and helpful.My daughter was so happy to go on her first pony ride and then as a bonus she got to meet DORA!!!!! We took tons of pictures and after we left she talked about how much fun she had at Santa’s Village. We will definitely go back during the summer.


We took our 4 year old daughter and met up with a friend who has a 10 y.o. girl and 2 1/2 y.o. boy and everyone had a wonderful time! We went on a Monday and it wasn’t crowded. We never had to wait for a ride and the kids could just run from one thing to the next- over and over and over. The animal area was well-kept and the animals were all very friendly. The kids especially loved the aviary where you could feed the birds. As noted in other reviews, the staff were all very helpful and friendly. The only not so good thing was the food. It was not good quality and luke-warm. I would definitely suggest bringing your own and having a picnic- there were plenty of places to sit. Or, run across to the Wendy’s and pick up burgers there. After having spent 6 hours there I can definitely say we got our money’s worth and will be going back!


We were just there Sunday and had a great day. My 2 girls, age 8, loved it. But I would say, they are near the top end of the age range for most of the parks rides. They also spent alot of time at the petting area and the pony ride. There father and I just took alot of pictures and watched them have fun.We got the Groupon special too for the family of 4, so it definitely was worth it. I don’t know if I would have gone at full price. Also even though the food prices were very reasonable, everything was cash, so be prepared

I visited the park last season with my 6 year old daughter and 10 year old grand daughter. We all had a BLAST! I was pleasantly surprised by the wonderful landscaping complete with beds of beautiful flowers. Don’t expect it to be like the original Santa’s Village, because it is not. This is a new park in the old location that is incorporating bits of the former Santa’s Village and even Kiddieland with new things, too.
Santa’s Village’s original very tall metal slide is still there. The cute buildings and mushrooms throughout the grounds have been spruced up nicely with fresh and colorful paint, the Truck Convoy ride is the same one Santa’s Village had. There is also another SV ride, that featured painted rockets, one NASA, Grateful Dead, can’t remember the rest.
You’ll also find 2 vintage Kiddieland rides, The Midge O Racers and The Roto Whip. CLASSIC!
The petting zoo is quite nice for the kids too. We also really enjoyed the bird aviary.
I found the food service area to be reasonably priced and very good.
Check it out. I’ll be going back this season since we had such a good time last year.

Santa’s Village was a very memorable part of my childhood – my mom’s company had their annual company picnic there so we went at least once a year. Also, one of my best friends’ (in junior high) dad managed the Polar Dome so we spent a lot of time ice skating and flirting with the boys at Racing Rapids.

My whole family just went to Santa’s Village this past weekend and had a really, really great time. It brought back lots of memories for us and it was such a joy to share it with my kids (who are 2 & 5). The rides are perfect for their age. They did a great job restoring it – lots of pretty landscaping and everything has been freshly painted – it looks really good.

I would have paid the full price admission to go, but we were able to get the Groupon for 1/2 price for a family of 4, so that helped. I would say it’s worth it to go once a year, at full price, and you are probably making the smart decision to wait until the end of the season to get the most for your money. Hopefully, they will be doing more with the food options, so to save some money and have a better snack or lunch, you can pack your own and bring it with you – the picnic grounds are free to use.

There are a lot of animals, and they do interactive shows with the kids to let them experience the animals, and the handlers walk around the park with the animals too. Even Santa was there the day we went and he was so charming. Lots of fun for sure.


Love this place! The grounds still need work but they are doing a wonderful job so far of renovating. All of the old Santa’s Village buildings remain, many of the old rides are also still there (bringing back warm memories to those of us who remember this place as children). It’s heaven for my kids of course- lots of great (and safe!) rides, a corn maze, magic show, bouncy houses mixed in with a great zoo- a huge bird house (where you can walk in with the birds and hand feed them), a walk-in petting zoo, pony rides, animal shows, lots of exotic animals for the kids to check out. Just a super place for the kids and nice atmosphere for the adults- all of the staff are wonderful too. I decided to do my son’s birthday here two weekends ago (the first birthday party the owner has done so far). They weren’t set up to do it yet but were happy to accommodate me. The birthday party was a HUUUUGE hit- everyone raved about this being such an ideal place. The owner also ended up throwing in some unexpected extras i.e. a private animal show within our party room (kids went crazy about this), free cotton candy for all of the kids and free tickets to come back for a family of 4. Totally blew away my expectations in every way and the price was very reasonable- highly recommend doing birthdays here too!


I was very disappointed in our 1st trip to Santa’s Village. We went on their grand opening weekend, Memorial Day weekend, and they didn’t seem very prepared. The roller coaster wasn’t working, none of the arcade games were working, and the hot air balloon ride broke while we were there. They were short staffed in the restaurant so the line was a mile long and they were out of supplies like ice and cup lids. The bathrooms were disgusting. The floors were full of mud and the building clearly had a roofing issue so there were puddles of water everywhere and no one was mopping it up. My kids did enjoy the rides that were working and the animals were entertaining but I didn’t think it was worth the admission price. I do have to say that the staff was friendly. I just wish things were cleaner and that you were notified before you pay of all the things that were not working. I hope they put more work into so it will be a nice family destination. I’m sorry to say, it has a long way to go.


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