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Once again, I have to apologize for being MIA.  It seems that the Fall is throwing some curve balls.   My daughter is having a tough time with school and going through an attachment phase, my husband is traveling about 2 weeks out of the month, I came down with one nasty illness (it’s been a month and still not completely over it),blah blah blah, offered a FANASTIC, ONCE IN A LIFETIME, INCREDIBLE opportunity to go back to work at an old company of mine at almost the level I left 5 years ago (IT field) and at a great pay (one that would afford the ability to hire a nanny).  Offered position.  Accepted position.  Start date okayed with HR.  Weeks of research and emotional torment about going back to work and leaving kids with nanny, down to two of them. As paperwork started to process, CIO halted hiring in Chicago and rescinded my offer.  Joyous.  Huh.  So I am no longer starting work on November 30th as thought. I am still crushed. The day I found out the news I had only eaten a bagel and drank an entire bottle of wine.  NOT like me at all.  My lovely husband took care of me.  So with that… back on the trail again.

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Halloween Fun at Navy Pier Happy birthday to Mickey Mouse!

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