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Happy birthday to Mickey Mouse!

Mickey Mouse will be turning the big 8-3, and the Frankfort Park District is inviting you to come out and celebrate it! With games, crafts, pizza and (of course) cake, you won’t want to miss this birthday bash. Register by Thursday. Click here for more information.
Where: Founders Community Center, 140 Oak St., Frankfort.
When: Register by Thursday, Nov. 17. Mickey’s Birthday Celebration will be held 11 a.m.-1 p.m., Monday, Nov. 21.

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Disney is Booked! — Tips/Suggestions ANYONE

We FINALLY booked our first trip to Disney (my first trip too, to FL for that matter unless you count a layover).  I would love to hear your tips/tricks/favorite places to eat/things to do… anything goes 🙂

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Disney Movie Rewards – Are you a member?

Are you a member yet of Disney Movie Rewards?  It can pay off.  Free to sign up…

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Another great reference/information site for Disney…from Couponing to Disney blog

When I was in the early planning stages for our first trip to Disney World, I discovered a site called Touring Plans is by the guys that wrote the awesome book The Unofficial Guide: Walt Disney World.  They have spent many years researching crowd patterns and have it down to a science. They can predict which parks are going to be crowded on which days and they have it all available for you to use to plan your  own trip.

You do have to have a subscription to TouringPlans.  It is $10.95 for a 365 day subscription and they even give you a 45 day  money-back guarantee! But you can save 15% off your subscription when you use the code COUPONINGTODIS through June 9th. That drops your cost to just $9.31.

Touring Plans crowd calendar  is outstanding. They use a scale from 1 to 10 (with 10 being the busiest) to indicate how crowded Walt Disney World parks are going to be. When I am considering dates for a trip, I pull the calendar up to check my dates. If they are croweded, I check to see if the week before
or after is better. This is a great way to make sure you are going at the absolute best time for your family. Time is money at Disney World and if you are going to invest in a trip, you need to make sure you are making the best decision you can.

In addition to the crowd calendar, they also recommend which parks to go to on which days.  For example, they might say that Magic Kingdom is the best park to visit on the first day of your trip while Epcot is the worst. You then know that you need to pick a different day of the trip to go to Epcot if
you want to avoid long lines. I use this to determine every day of our trip. It hasn’t steered me wrong yet!

They also give you access to over 140 different touring plans.  These are custom plans based on your family’s ages and desires. By
using their crowd calendars, best days and touring plans, you can drastically cut down the amount of time you spend in line while still
seeing everything on your must do list. They have also added a new feature that lets you personalize and save your own touring plans.

But the BEST part of the subscription is the LINES app.  (Do you want to ride Dumbo? I have an app for that!) At any time, even
at home, you can pull up the wait times for rides at Disney World. (It is currently a 19 minute wait to ride Dumbo.) We used this on our last
two trips and it was spot on 95% of the time! It also tells you what the  current return time is for Fastpass distribution and has an area for
people to report wait times in real time. It’s currently available for the iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Computer.

I know it seems crazy to invest in your trip now before you have even determined if you are going to go, but with their 45 day money-back
guarantee, you have nothing to lose!

(Note: They also now have a subscription available for Disneyland as well….)

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Disney…When Is the Best Time To Go?

This was pulled from Couponing to Disney and thought it was valuable information.  And not to mention a good idea to have a “Disney” bucket in this blog especially since I plan on going for the first time with our kids next year.


Disney Training: When is the best time to go to Disney?

If you aren’t interested in purchasing a subscription to Touring Plans (
determine your travel dates, there is another VERY easy (and free) way to
determine if your dates are going to be crowded. Disney raises the prices up
when they expect crowds.

::Check the prices of your travel date here under All Star Movies. (
If your date is expensive, expect crowds.::

Another rule of thumb is if the schools are out, it’s going to be
. I highly recommend that you do NOT travel to Disney World on
any holiday, even President’s Day, unless you have to. If your family can choose
another week, do it.

Least crowded times of the year….

  • Mid January through March (avoid Martin Luther King and President’s Day)
  • The first 3 weeks of May
  • Mid September through the week of Thanksgiving
  • First 2 weeks in December

Most crowded times of the year (expect park closures; massive

  • The 2 weeks of Christmas break
  • Easter week
  • 4th of July
  • School holidays and breaks (especially Spring Break which falls from mid
    March to late April since Spring break is not the same week throughout the

Best days to visit

The absolute best time to visit Disney World is during the week. If you can
schedule your vacation to begin on a Monday and end on a Sunday, that would be

Absolute best time to visit Disney

The absolute best time to visit Disney is when it works for your family.
Don’t let this post deter you from traveling because you can’t go when it isn’t
predicted to be busy. With a game plan, you will see and do a lot. We have been
when it was very crowded (according to Touring Plans) and we still didn’t wait
more than 10-15 minutes because we had a plan.

What is your favorite time to visit Disney World?

Please leave the answer in the comment section!

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