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Any followers out there who were SAHM and now working FT?

I may be going back to Corporate America after almost 6 years (fingers crossed).  Any pointers to get through it all?  Finding a nanny? Adjusting to being gone? Helping the kids adjust?  Adjusting emotionally?

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Alarm clock and night light – Ok to wake!

What a great invention!  I could have used this about a year ago.  Thankfully now my kids get up and head downstairs to play until they get thirsty for milk.

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Once again, I have to apologize for being MIA.  It seems that the Fall is throwing some curve balls.   My daughter is having a tough time with school and going through an attachment phase, my husband is traveling about 2 weeks out of the month, I came down with one nasty illness (it’s been a month and still not completely over it),blah blah blah, offered a FANASTIC, ONCE IN A LIFETIME, INCREDIBLE opportunity to go back to work at an old company of mine at almost the level I left 5 years ago (IT field) and at a great pay (one that would afford the ability to hire a nanny).  Offered position.  Accepted position.  Start date okayed with HR.  Weeks of research and emotional torment about going back to work and leaving kids with nanny, down to two of them. As paperwork started to process, CIO halted hiring in Chicago and rescinded my offer.  Joyous.  Huh.  So I am no longer starting work on November 30th as thought. I am still crushed. The day I found out the news I had only eaten a bagel and drank an entire bottle of wine.  NOT like me at all.  My lovely husband took care of me.  So with that… back on the trail again.

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Need Extra $$$?

Last week, one of the moms of the blogs I read discovered Amazon’s trade-in store, and ended up having almost 400 dollars worth of credit between six text books! After researching what the books were worth, she found that Amazon was offering me a very fair price. 

You are able to ship the books for free and quickly received the credit in my account.

Besides text books, Amazon also accepts electronics, movies and television series, video games, consoles, and accessories for trade. I would highly encourage you to check out this program. Paired with free shipping and price matching, the store credit could really come in handy.

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Free Princess Phone Call!

Target is offering a Free Phone Call from a Disney Princess for your child. You get to choose your princess and date/time of the call. You’ll need to fill in your phone number info and then confirm after you fill-out the form.

Thanks, Totally Target!

Keep in mind that if you provide a cell phone number, your normal cell phone charges will apply.

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I know, that’s been me.  I simply just haven’t had the time to devote to my blog as I had wanted and started.  Don’t FEAR!  My kids start school tomorrow and shortly thereafter I am going to be in FULL SWING of things and even MORE!  Stay tuned!

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Little MIA

Hello everyone,

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been a little M.I.A.  Lately, I am not sure if I know if I am coming or going.  The next few weeks will even prove more challenging since camp ended!!!  In the upcoming weeks, I hope to provide you with the same great news about town and great finds along with some tweaking of the website but please hold tight…

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Have you ever just had one of THOSE days?

Have you ever just had one of THOSE days?!  Today is definitely it!

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What’s YOUR reaction to Casey Anthony trial?


All I know, karma is a bitch and may it hit back HARD in THIS life and those person(s) involved after life!

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Mokena 4th of July Parade

My family and I headed out to the Mokena 4th of July parade for the first time since living in LW area (5 years).  I have to say… they put on a great parade… well organized too 🙂  I highly recommend 🙂

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