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Ta Da!

Good afternoon!  As I sit here a day after my kiddies “preschool graduation”, I thought to myself that I may a little more time next year while the kids are in 1/2 day kindergarten.  We’ll see how that goes but this blog is something that I have been wanting to do for a while.

Over the past many months, I have had quite a few people tell me that I am Mrs. Information.  If there is something happening around town, I usually have heard about it.  If there is a place for this or that, I usually have at least heard about it.  You get the point.  And if I haven’t, I like to share the scoop with others 🙂 I am also known among old and new circles of friends as the information gatherer, Ms. Type A or Ms. Planner.

On a daily basis, I am always running across things for my kids to do.  Products for my kids or our family to try out.  Good deals and bargains.  A great recommendation for this or that.  Or just random musings that I would love to share but don’t want to on Facebook.  I write my endless post-it notes or notes on my computer (wasn’t helpful when my PC crashed last month).  So, what’s a better way to document all of my findings?  A blog.  Yes, a blog.  I am going to try my best to make updates to the blog on a daily basis but don’t hold me to it.

If you have suggestions or comments on how to improve the blog, let me know.  If you find a daily deal or fun place to go to, let me know.

I want this to be an open community to share ideas, finds, places to go, things to see… a catch-all of information hence the website Mrs411 (MrsKnowItAll was taken).

So there you have it!  Enjoy and stay tuned!

P.S.  Anyone know someone who can do a logo for me gratis? 😉


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